Activist Print



 is a collaboration between The Warhol, BOOM Concepts (a creative hub for artists to incubate ideas), and the North Side printmaking studio Artists Image Resource (AIR). Activist Print is inspired by the history of artists using silkscreen and print-based media to raise awareness of contemporary issues and inspire change.

The series started in 2016 with three Pittsburgh artists, Bekezela Mguni, Paradise Gray, and Alisha B. Wormsley, invited to create socially and politically inspired print work to be exhibited on the windows of the Rosa Villa, a building across the street from The Warhol. The museum was given the Rosa Villa property and has used the facade of the building for public artworks while working on a plan to rehabilitate the site. Project leader and artist D.S. Kinsel launched the project with the installation What They Say, What They Said on the Rosa Villa facade.