October 2

Book Launch & Celebration: The People Are the Light

Homewood Library

7101 Hamilton Avenue

Pittsburgh PA 15208


October 11

The Space I’m In: Oracles


The Westmoreland Museum of American Art

October 19-20

AWxAW: fifteen minutes of fame

Alisha Wormsley is a Pittsburgh-based interdisciplinary artist whose practice reveals the magical in the mundane. Inspired by Warhol’s prophetic quote, “In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes,” Wormsley will transform the museum’s underground studio into a participatory multimedia installation. Visitors will have the opportunity to dress up, star in a screen test, get interviewed by a modern-day Andy, and become famous for 15 minutes as subjects for Alisha Wormsley’s newest film.

October 24

There Are Black People In The Future artwork residency grantee presentation.

Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh - Homewood