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There Are Black People In The Future

Series of videos that were included in different iterations of There Are Black People In the Future installations.

First Installation of There Are Black People In the Future 2013 @ Homewood Colliseum - made in residence with The Andy Warhol Museum @ Westinghouse Academy for the Homewood Artist Residency.


Door of NO Return: Originally a part of Children of NAN, this work exists in NAN archives.

Combining the audio of one of Dutch dungeons used to keep Africans prisoner to transport them in the Atlantic slave trade and the video of a 1970’s suburban home video of kids playing. There is a point in the tour where the guide speaks of the Dutch having church and their children playing right above the dark and cold tight spaces where hundreds of men, women and children were crammed into, starved and chained.

in addition to the narrative of Children of NAN I am produced a series of commercials and interludes titled There Are Black People In The Future, that will support and connect the story. here are an example of two. my process with this series is to work on all the chapters (parts) simultaneously. the works will be layered using the same aesthetic I use to make my collage work.